Bailey's Corner

Emergency Evacuation Checklist

Prepare and be ready before disaster strikes.


Store at least one week supply for each animal and rotate your stock every two months. Keep a spoon, can opener and spare food bowl.


Store at least one week supply for each animal and rotate your supply every two months. Keep a spare water bowl in the kit. Collapsible water bowls take up little space.


Keep a collar and tag on each animal; micro-chipping is best because its permanent. Keep a current photo of each animal in your kit, with yourself in the picture to prove ownership.

Medication/First Aid

Prepare a basic first aid kit and buy a small first aid book. Include at least one week of any needed maintenance medications. Prepare a collar tag with medical conditions and needs for your animal.

Cleaning Supplies

Keep small plastic bottles of dish soap and disinfectant, paper towels, and small litter bags.


You will need harnesses, extra leashes, a collapsible crate or kennel, a tie-out stake or cable run kit, blankets and towels. Your furry friends may become aggressive in stormy weather conditions. Don’t leave them behind.

Now is the time to find out which hotels/motels allow pets in the event of disaster. Locate a safe place out of the danger zone. This could be 60 to 100 miles depending on the disaster. Keep the phone numbers of the hotels/ motels in your disaster kit.

Remember that major highways will be closed. Have a road map of your area. Line up a friend or family member outside your geographic area to provide you and your animals shelter. Check with animal shelters to see if they can take your pets before they become overburdened with abandoned animals during the storm.

To get further in-depth information on emergency preparedness and what you can do please visit the links below: