Bailey's Corner

Three Important Key Elements

Three Important Key Elements to achieve a happy and a balanced canine companion, you must do three things but first you must understand pack mentality and how they operate in their social structure.

"Alpha" rules the pack.

There is one undisputed leader, which is called the Alpha, and though the Alpha may be challenged, he will almost always have the means with which to hold his top position. The second part to be understood is less obvious to the casual observer. There is only one Alpha, who leads the pack; there is only one Beta who is below the Alpha but still above all the other dogs.

The Gamma dog is below the first two, but still above the rest of the pack. Using this Scenario, no dog is equal to another. The social structure is known as a hierarchy. And the Alpha controls everything in the subordinate’s life, from food to attention.

Three of the most important key elements in having a great relationship with your canine companion:

  • Exercise
  • Discipline
  • Affection

And they need to be in that order

Exercise; will stimulate both dogs mind and its body.

Discipline; by setting the ground rules and boundaries you teach your dog that you are in charge of his/her life inside and outside the house.

Affection; is where you give them the touch and love or however you exchange that positive energy to stimulate your canine companion emotionally and yourself.