Case Studies



“Hi there my name is Winston”

 Canine Control made all the difference with my Boxer puppy Winston, I'm so Thankful for the guidance and control you gave me to live a Healthy, Happy, Life with my Beautiful, Handsome, Obedient canine. Your skill sets helped me to have control, and made my life so much easier. I take Winston everywhere, Out to dinner, shopping, other peoples homes and everyone always says how well behaved he is. We are so Blessed to have you in our life , and know other people will be also, when they select you to help with the canine control, in there homes. Thanks for everything! God Bless , Tracy Curry 


“Hi there my name is Henry.”

Henry was born 2/7/2016 in Tampa Florida. He was one of 8 pups born to Troy (10 y/o 100 lb golden and 3y/o Aqua). Seven boys and one girl. The female was chosen to go for service training!!  Henry was the last "available " puppy because he has a brown nose and light blue green eyes. I'm told that his particular colors are not "true Golden Retriever " or desired. He CHOSE ME. I sat on the floor that morning amongst 8 of the cutest puppies and Henry licked my right arm and sat in my lap. The breeder states "that's the one. The last puppy to be spoken for". We brought him home on April 5th. I immediately took him to the backyard (starting housebreaking) he rolled around as if he were in Heaven. He'd spent his first 8 weeks of life on tile floor. He could "fetch" immediately. He is very smart and loving boy. Hard to believe but he was 5 pounds when we brought him home. Our neighbors have an 8 y/o yellow lab Teddy. I walked Henry over to meet them and in the blink of an eye Teddy attacked Henry. Fortunately Henry was ok. I took him to the Vet right away. His head was swollen the size of an egg right between his ears. No broken skin just the bump which I referred to as the "Teddy bump". I wanted to take him for training but HE didn't want anything to do with other dogs and my Vet didn't know of any private trainers. My friend Chrissy referred me to Canine Control and the rest is history!  Jim and Terry are fantastic!  


"Hi there my name is Little Foot."

I brought my daughter's dog (really my dog)  Princess Little Foot, a 48 pound American Staffordshire Bull Dog aka the hated and misunderstood "Pit bull" for obedience training and socialization. We were having a lot of company from out of the country, who did not speak English and were not used to being around dogs, especially what they consider a big dog. While a loving people dog, Little Foot is very protective,  high energy and very strong.  After her six day stay, her behavior such as heeling, sit, down and stay were so improved that it was amazing. We now have a pleasant time walking around our neighborhood and she has made new people friends. She stays off the furniture, doesn't jump up on people anymore and "goes to her room" when told.  She goes once a week  for "doggy daycare" because she just plain loves being there so much. I feel so comfortable knowing that when I go away, Foot has a place where she will be safe, loved and well cared for.  Thanks Jim & Terry!! 



"Hi there, our names are Riley & Trudy."
Riley and Trudy came for training so their mom Carol could gain a better grip on their unruly behavior and stop them from jumping all over her. The two already worked great as a team which became evident as they jointly hunted lizards with great precision during their five days with me. The trick was to teach these ladies that obedient behavior, and the praise which comes with it, is just as much fun as any other game – even a lizard hunt! Control over your animals does not have to be oppressive, in fact it is quite the opposite. Control allows families and their animals to spend time together as rewarding "play time" that is pleasant for eveyrone.


“Hi there my name is Harley”

I have a now 8 month old Great Dane who is growing quite 6 months she was already getting very strong and hard for me to handle when walking...I brought her to the canine control boot camp....after one week I got her back and it was like I had a new dog....I must continue to work with her...but what she was taught has changed my life...thanks so much Jim and Terry....your assistance has made both Harleys life and my life better


“Hi there my name is Jake”

My wife and I have owned Golden Retrievers for over 12 years. Our last Golden passed away of cancer. We purchased another Golden (Jake) when he was just 8weeks old. He became my wife’s dog. Jake would follow her around the house. We thought we had got another perfect Golden. Well that all changed because he began to attack my wife to the point he was biting her violently. We tried an obedience class which did not change anything. We tried spanking, yelling, holding him down until he appeared calm, but nothing worked. Then aggression carried over to me and some friends that would come over. We got to the point of giving him away. We told a friend of ours about Jake and she said that we needed to contact Jim and Terry at Canine Control. She told us that a friend of hers had a pit bull that was out of control and took him to Canine Control. Within 5 days with Jim at Canine Control (doggie boot camp) he was a totally changed dog. My wife and I were vacationing in the Florida Keys and got to our boiling point with Jake and contacted Terri. We made arraignments with Terry and drove back to Lakeland long enough to drop Jake off and then drove back. That decision was the best one we made when came to his training. When we dropped him off we spent an hour going over what problems we were having. We gave Jim and Terry a complete history of everything we had tried. Jim explained what was going to happen with Jake and the training he would be giving him.  Jake also had a skin problem (flaking skin like dandruff). We had spent hundreds of dollars with the vet on his skin. He explained how we could solve the skin problems with a change of his food and within two weeks Jake no longer had a skin problem. He gave very informative information and web sites to go to. As for Jake’s training we now have one great dog. What Jim did with Jake was unbelievable. There is no longer an aggression towards my wife, friends or me. His obedience is perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Also over the period of a year we got free additional training. I can go on forever about Jim, Terry and Canine Control, if you have a problem you owe to yourself and your dog to go see Jim and Terry at Canine Control you will not regret it.

Don, Selah and Jake Bell     


"Hi there my name is Rex"

My husband and I have always been big breed dog owners but this time around we decided to get a lap dog. We chose a terrier this time. What were we thinking? Rex is a west highland terrier who has enough energy as a child who drank 8 cups of coffee to say the least. However most of his excitement was expressed through love and affection towards us so we chopped his behavior off to being normal even after being warned that westies are stubborn and if you don't train them early onset you will be ruined. Rex basically owned us. Well Rex was 8 months old and I knew I was pushing the limit of missing the correct training age and I had remembered I was referred Canine Control. I decided to give them a call. I was literally at my wits end. I wasn't going to give up on him I just wanted us to all be happy and I know he was feeding off my negative energy and it wasn't good for any of us.  So Rex and I met with Jim prior and he adequately answered all of my questions and concerns.  After doggy boot camp my Rex came back as a totally new dog. I literally am ecstatic at  how well trained and calm Rex now is. Jim does all the hard work for you. I just have to implement what he has instilled in him.  I even got updates during the week and pictures and videos of his progress. Hands down recommend Canine Control worth EVERY PENNY!
Mark and Katherine Erdly

Rex E. at CC Boot Camp 2018 (11c).jpg