We have been given a special gift in life-the gift of training animals. With over 30 years experience, our praise and positive re-enforcement technique has garnered us recognition in the dog world as one of the best in the business. If you have a dog, or you are thinking of getting a dog, whether for protection or just a great family pet, you owe it to yourself and your canine companion to call 863-409-1256 or email us.

At Canine Control we take your animal into a controlled setting where we can exclusively focus on your pet’s unique behavioral circumstances. We use our special talents to profile your dog’s behavior to implement the best communication technique for use during the five day session of the one-on-one training process. The end result is a dog that will become more like a family member and a trusted friend. And that’s the beauty of this program. It literally transforms animals and their owners through the bond of good communication.

The simplest way to describe our philosophy behind Canine Control is “communication with your animal”. The misconception behind obedience is that it is somehow oppressive to the animal. This could not be further from the truth. Your animal wants so very much to please you. The breakdown occurs when a disobedient animal starts behaving poorly, and you punish or scold the pet for that behavior. The attention you give is not good, but it is attention and that is just what your pet craves-your attention. Animals and owners get caught up in a cycle of broken relationships-where the animal is often ignored, except when it is bad….you get the picture. 

Animals are as unique as people and require custom solutions tailored to their individual needs. Our training program help dogs with disobedient behavior, anxiety problems, attention deficit disorders, confidence issues and a host of other behavioral conditions.